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Chop king Twista’s biggest single to date, a masterclass in tactical use of speed for maximum impact. How fast? 845 words in 212 seconds (3.98 words/second) – although bear in mind Twista yeah right krayzie bone is the fastest just check out his flow on the song flow motion off the faces of death album if you can and you will know that its 100x faster than twista has ever rapped. twista just spits out non-sense and he raps so fast that it sounds like gibberish and not actual words, krayzie's words actually makes sense and he flows so hard and that's why bone is the originators Chop king Twista’s biggest single to date, a masterclass in tactical use of speed for maximum impact. How fast?

Twista fastest song

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Before that, Eminem was featured on Nikki Minaj’s hit ‘Majesty’ which featured a speed of 10.2 syllables per second. Eminem is part of a small group of rappers who are able to rap fast. Find Twista song information on AllMusic AllMusic Successful Chicago rapper since the early '90s, often considered the fastest MC alive. Read Full Biography. Mr Tung Twista (FASTEST SONG EVER) 2. Mr Tung Twista(Slowed Down) 3. Marco Polo (Freestyle) 4.

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THE ROCK (Movie Theme Soundtrack) Thee Pirates - The Pirate Song.mp3 twista - Fast Song, Fastest Rapper!!!. Download Punjabi Song Babbu Maan New Song Mp3 Kbps, if you want to listen Twista (real name Carl Terrell Mitchell) was awarded the fastest rapper alive  SNL sketch, good song tho. Kimberly I Sue Potter Bushong JacksonMånad sedan.

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Twista fastest song

Months after entering the Guiness Book of World Records for being the fastest rapper alive, Twista (then known as Tung Twista) released his debut album Runnin Off At Da Mouth, which featured “Mista "Mr. Tung Twista" is the first single released by Twista, who was then known as Tung Twista, from his debut album, Runnin' Off at da Mouth. It was released in November 22, 1991 shortly before Twista became the Guinness Book of World Records holder as the fastest emcee in 1992. San Diego-based rapper and Brainsick Muzik founder Twisted Insane is known for being one of the fastest rappers in the industry, likely resulting from his practice in writing rhymes from the age of 12. Music became a way for him to survive as he faced homelessness in 2006, coinciding with the release of his first album, Shoot for the Face.

Right now the fastest song that Krayzie is in that  Rap Live Radio 24/7 | Hip Hop, Best Hype & Popular Rap Music by Lil Uzi Vert Twista Demonstrates His Guinness Book of World Records Fastest Rap (Part 1).
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Twista fastest song

Feb 24, 2021 FASTEST RAP EVER Busta Rhymes vs Ceza, Twista, Yelawolf, JL B Hood, Uso, D Loc Tech N9ne. Tupac, Little Wayne, and Ludacris is who I  Balancing all the books like crunching the numbers This song is one of Twista's fastest rap song featuring T-pain.

He rapped 598 syllables in 55 seconds or 11.2 syllables per second. Although that is the Twista fastest rap of all time, the rapper Mr Tung Twista (FASTEST SONG EVER) 2. Mr Tung Twista(Slowed Down) 3. Marco Polo (Freestyle) 4.
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Intro By RavenProDesigns - http://www.RavenProDesign.comTwitter - - plzzz comment andsub scribe Twista’s Top 10 Fastest Verses "Slow Jamz". Number Of Words: 286 We'll start this list off with Twista's most popular song, and his only No. 1 single "Mista Tung Twista" (1st Verse).

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With a steady rise from the underground in the late '90s, he made his breakthrough in the early 2000s atop the success of number one single "Slow Jamz." Listen to Get That Doe (Ain't It Man) on Spotify. Twista · Song · 2004. There's fast-rapping, and then there's Twista, whose syllable-stuffing flows have put him in a class of his own and the company of music's all-time greats.